Why Plebiscito.eu

questionReach more than 50% of votes in favor of a referendum is not easy. To achieve this level of consensus it is necessary a transversal adhesion under a common target which unite the largest part of the political spectrum.

Now more than ever the Venetians must work as a team to avoid being crushed by a system without democracy. Italy is geographically and culturally a gem without equal, but the Italian state is the symbol of caste, colonialism taxation, stifling bureaucracy and pachydermic justyce.

Any political reform that goes trough Rome has no chance of success,and to our institutional representatives remain only a political tool at their disposal: a question to the Venetian citizenship, according to the instrument of referendum available to them on an international protected issue, the principle of self-determination of a people. Not being able to reform the Italian club, of which we are minority shareholders, as people we may opt not to join. We will keep the historical and cultural ties, but from the administrative point of view we prefer to operate by ourself.

The choice that our institutional representatives in the Veneto Region must make is to give voice to its citizenship through a referendum. They must choose if people come before the state (according to article 1, paragraph 2 of the Italian Constitution) or vice versa. They have to choose democracy, and this is the target shared by all the different people that are testimonials of Plebiscito.eu.

In Italy a lot of referendums have been made, and unfortunately the meaning of this term has been diminished because of the contempt that the government had for the result of referendum in the past. For many people the referendum has become synonymous with loss of time. Instead of plebiscite has been made only one till now, the one in 1866 which ratified the annexation of Venice to the Kingdom of Italy. On wikipedia we read that "the term has retained the meaning of the popular vote, distancing basically the referendum because the plebiscite is defined as a popular choice of a political nature." For this reason, wanting the Veneto Republic as a sovereign and independent republic is a political choice that befits a plebiscite rather than a referendum.

The Veneto will again be a european state, equal to other demographic reality of the same size (Denmark, Finland, Austria, Norway, Switzerland and Ireland). Historically, the venetians have always been a people opened to trade and cultural exchanges, not only during the millennium of the Serenissima, but also before with the old Venetian that connected the river trade from North Europe to the maritime trade to the East. Today the venetians still prove to be a nation of exporters, but we can not compete in the world with his hands tied behind his back. Bureaucratic and tax untying the laces of the italian state we can go back to flourish in a common market like the European one.

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